Valentines Day SMS

*  Do you Know that beside valentine day,
    The whole week (infact 2 weeks) is dedicated for 
     various purpose have a look at the list below:
     7 Feb Rose Day
     8 Feb Propose Day
     9 Feb Chocolate Day
     10 Feb Teddy Day
     11 Feb Promise Day
     12 Feb Kiss Day
     13 Feb Hug Day
     15 Feb Slap Day
     16 Feb Kick Day
     17 Feb Perfume Day
     18 Feb Flirting Day
     19 Feb confession Day
     20 Feb Missing Day
     21 Feb Break Up Day

*  5 greatest words: i dun wana los u.
    4 pleasant words: i care for u.
    3 sweet word: i lv u
    2 wonderful words: miss u.
    1 most important word: U !

*  Memories r treasured no 1 can steal
    Parting is heartche no 1 can heal
    Sum'll 4get u wen ur gone but i'll remember u
    No matter how long..

*  Valentines Day is a Day of Love
    No 1 gives me more luv than u
    U brighten up my each day
    U deserve my undying luv.
    Will u be my valentine??

*  Love so steady, love so fine,
    Be my valentine and I'll be thine
    If we love each other, rain or shine
    We'll be rocking hand in hand
    At a hundred and ninety-nine.

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