Good Night SMS

*  G. Go 2 Bed
    O. Off the Light
    O.Out Of Tension
    D.Dreams come

    N.Nice sleep
    I. Ignore worries`
    G.Get up Early
    H.Have a nice day
    T.Thank God Always

*  Hello Moon,
    My friend is going to sleep.
    Tell to your Brother sun to raise tmrw late
    Because my friend wants more relax.
    <<GOOD NIGHT>>

*  Sun wouldn't be red,
    Sea wouldn't be blue,
    I wouldn't be happy,
   Without disturbing u.
   ""Good Night""

*  At this moment 3.7 millons are sleeping
    2.3 million are falling in love,
    4.1 millon are eating
    And only one person in the whole world
    is reading my sms.
    ^^GOOD NIGHT^^ 

*  Night is longer than day
    for those who Dream
    And day is longer than night for those
    Who make their Dreams Come true.
    Wish you GOOD NIGHT

Good Morning SMS

    ( ¤ APPY¤)
    ||| ORNiNG

*  When wake up in d Morning
    Hey u made my day with u'r msg
    It bought a smile to my face..
    A big thank u...
    U Mean a lot to me!!!
    Good Morning

*  Passengers in sweet dreams are

    Requested to open their eyes,
    Bcoz the flight night is landing
    Into a wonderful day!!

*  Five steps to a lovely Morning
    Close your eyes,
    Take a deep breath,
    Open your arms wide,
    Feel your heart beat and
    Say its too early.
    Let me sleep again.

*  A seeter smile,
    A brighter day,
    Hope everything turns out
    Great for you today!!

Funny SMS

*  You Must be s good runner 
    Because you are always in my mind.
    You must be a good thief,
    Because you have stolen my heart.
    And I m always a bad shooter
    Because I MISS U always..

*  What LOVE stands for?
    L-  Lake of     SORROW
    O- Ocean of   TEARS
    V- Valley of    DEATH
    E-  End Of      LIFE.

*  Most people walk in and
    Out of your life,but
    Only Friend leave footprints in ur life.

*  Good Friends are hard to find
    Harder to leave,
    And impossible to forget.

*  When it hurts to look back,
    And you're scared to look ahead,
    You can look beside you
    And your best friend will be there.

*  When u feel sad..
    To cheer up just go to the mirror and say,
    "Damn I am Really so cute" 
    U will overcome your sadness.
    But don't make this a habit...
    Bcoz liars go to hell !!!

*  If You Love someone,
    Put their name in a circle,
    Instead of a heart,
    Bcoz hearts can break,
    But circles go on forever.

*  To handle yourself,
    Use your head,
    To handle others,
    Use your heart.

*  Smile a while and you smile,
    Smile another smile ,
    Soon there will be miles
    And miles of smile just 
    Because you smiled,
    I wish your day is full of SMILE

*  Hi I am marrying next week
    There will be a small party and
    only few persons will be invited
    Hey don't bring any gift
    Just bring SOMEONE to marry me...

Friendship SMS

*  Don't hurt a Friend who loves you
    Don't hurt a Friend who loves you.

*  Meaning of Friendship :
    N--  NICE
    D--  DIVINE
    S--   SIMPLE
    H--  HARTLEY
    P--   PEACEFUL

*  Smile in pleasure,
    Smile in pain,
    Smile when trouble pours like rain,
    Smile when someone hurts you,
    Smile because someone still loves to seen u Smiling

*  If friend were flowers
    I would not pick you!
    I'll let you grow in the garden
    & cultivate you with love and care
    So I can keep you as a friend forever

*  A friend is sweet when its new,
    But it is sweeter when its TRUE,
    But u know what?
    Its sweetest when its you.

*  Everyone hears wat u sy
    Friends Listen to u wat u say
    Best Friend Listen to u wat u don't say

*  Longest love is mother's Love,
    Shortest love is mother's Love,
    Sweetest love is other love,
    But strongest love is Friend Love,
    Like u and me !

*  A true friend ....Scolds like a Dad
    Cares Like a Mom..
    Teases like a Sister..
    Irritates like a Brother..
    And Finally Loves you more then a Lover..

*  Friendship is just like wine..
    As it gets older it gets sweeter..
    Just lime you and me..
    You are getting older and
    I am getting sweeter.. 

*  A good friend is like a computer
    I 'enter' ur life
    'save' u in my heart,
    'format' ur problems,
    'shift' u 2 opportunities
    And never 'delete' u from my memory!


Love SMS

*  Love knows no reasons
    Love knows no lies,
    Love defines all reasons,
    Love has no eyes...
    But Love is not blind,
    Love sees all but does not mind....

*  R: is for Red
    Red: is for blood 
    Blood: is for heart
    Heart: is for love
    Love: is for you
    You: is for me
    Me: is for you
   <<<i miss you>>>

*  I m feeling so happy,do u know why?
    Because i m so lucky,do u know how?
    Bcoz God loves Me.
    Do you know how?
    Bcoz he gave me a gift
    Do you know what?
    Its YOU my love..

*  "Response" is one of
     The powerful tool to
     occupy a place in
     Someone's Heart
     Give the Best Response 
     To the person who cares
      For you..

*  Don't choose the one
    Who is beautiful to the world.
    But Rather,
    choose the one who
    Makes your world Beautiful.

*  U can fall from the sky 
    U can fall from a tree
    But the best way to fall
    is in love with me 

 *  If 10 people care 4 u.
     one of them is me,
     if 1 person cares 4 u
     that would be me again
     if no 1 cares 4 u
     that means i m not this 

*  Love is that greatest feeling,
    Love is like play,
    Love is what i feel for you,
    Each and every day,
    Love is like a smile,
    Love is like a song,
    Love is a great emotion,
   That keeps us going strong,
*  i love you with my heart, 
    My body and my soul,
    I love the way i keep loving,
    Like a love i can't control
    So remember when ur eyes meet mine,
    I love you with  all my heart,
    And i have poured my entire soul into you,
    Right from the very start.


*  (“””) (“”")
     ) (_/_) ( ISH
    %* YOU *%
     ) ( APPY
    "Eid Mubarak"

*  When the sun has set,and destay is done-
    I'll break this chain,but only one.
    By the end of Ramadan,this whole chain will be all gone!
    It's time for Eid and lots of Fun!!!

 *  The moon has been sighted
     The samosas are ready
     Here comes EID so Just go steady
     Losts of dua's is all i request
     And just wanted to wish you all the BEST!

*   Eid leka aate hai dher sare khusiya,
     Eid mita deta hai insan mai duriya,
     Eid hai khuda ka ek nayam tabarok
     Eisi liye kahte hai sab EID MUBARAK

*  Do you know the meaning of Eid?
    I think it means " ENJOY in DUNIYA"
    So, In your life all moments bring EId for You..
    Wish You .."EID MUBARAK"

*  Sada haste raho jaise haste hain phool,
    Duniya ki sare gham hain bhool,
    Charo taraf phalao khushion ka geet,
    Eisi Ummid Ka Sath Yaar tumhe...
    <<MUBARAK ho EID>>

*  Eid is a combination of 3 meaningful word
    E:Embrace with open heart 
    I:Inspire with impressive attitube
    D:Distribute pleasure to all.

*  My heart Murmurs a sincere prayer that joy,
    Health & Happiness enrich ur Eid day
    and Everyday.<<Eid Mubarak>>

*  EID is wonderful Day "To Love""To Care"
    "To Smile" TO Relax" And "To Thank ALLAH"
    For all he gives us.<<EID>><<MUBARAK>>

*   Aaj Khuda ki hum par ho Meharbani,
     Karde maf hum logo ki sare Naformani,
     Eid ka din aj aao milka kare yahi wada,
     Khuda ka hi raho mai hum chalange sada.
     Sare Musalman ko <EID MUBARAK>

Bangla Funny SMS

*  Paglagarode ak pagoler oparetion hobe.
    Doctor, Nurse shobaiprostut.
    Kintu pagolta ekhono prostut hoy ni.
    Karon se Akhon amr SMS-ta porte basto.

*  Eta ekta jadu.2mr mobile er down key char
    bar chapo,2me Aishwaria Rai ke 2mr mobile
    Dekhte pabe.Hay khoda ajo manush 2k bekub

*  Ki shundor chokhgulo tomar.
    Ki misthti kontho tomar.
    Ki shundor chehara tomar.
    Khoda tomak emoni baniechhen
    je mone hoy sheora gachh theke
    bujhi kano petni neme eshechhe.

* Taragulor shothhuk shongkha gune 
   ber koro, tomar mongol hobe.
   Kire bekub pathha? Dine-dupure 
   tare gunchis kenore?

*  Jodi amar akta camera thakto,
    Ami 2mr hashi,smriti,2mr protiti
    muhurter chhobi tultam.Ar
    Indurder bhoye dekhate,

*  Ekta banorer tinta bachcha ache.
    1st ta khela korche,2nd ta kola
    khachche ar 3rd ta holo she,je
    ei sms porche.<><><><>

 * Ore kharaper roshogollah,paper borfi,
    beimanir laddu,haramir chamcha,
    bodmayeshir payesh,dhokabazir shorbot,
    miththa kothar roshomalai-2mi na jaaa mishti!

Cool SMS

*  Most used alphabet " A " Does not Appear in 
    Spellings of digits from 1 to 999.

    It Appear 1st Time in 1000 & then Continues.

*  People are not Beautiful,As they Look,
    As they walk,As they wear.
    People are Beautiful,As they Love,
    As they sincere,As they Care,
    As they share....

*  Easy is to judge the mistakes of others,
    Difficult is to Recognize our own mistakes.
    Easy is to say we love,
    Difficult is to learn from them.
    Easy is to set rules,
    Difficult is to follow them.
    Easy is to dream every night,
    Difficult is to show it every day.
    Easy is to make mistakes,
    Difficult is to learn from them.

*  I may walk slowly.
    But.. I never walk Backwards
    -Adraham Lincon

*  The two Dangerous weapons in the 
    World other then Nuclear Bombs
     1. A Girl's Smile
     2. A Girl's tear

*  Good Behavior can cover the lack
    of Good Looks,
    But Good Looks Can Never cover the 
    lack good behavior.

*  )))))
    ( c ‘o
    ( c ‘==o
    ( c ‘===o
    ( c ‘=======o

   Naak aesi ho jaye agar msg karna chora to :-)

Birthday SMS

*  Kick off ur shoes,
    Take a break,
    Crank the tunes,
    Dance & Shake,
    Light the Candles,
    Cut the cake.
    Make its a day,
    That's simply great!!

*  Itz the day of cakes n candles
    Snow n songs
    Celebration n Decorations
    Laughter n love
    Its ur B'day
    Wishing u a luvly n Fun-filled day!

*  The best way to remember ur wife's Birthday
     is to forgrt it once
     In soft gleaming night of sters
     May all ur dreams come true
     Bring lov n joy 2 u

*  Count ur garden by the flowers
    Never by rhe leaves that fall.
    Count ur day by golden hours
    Don't rememder clouds at all.
    Count ur nights by stars not shadows.
    Count ur life by smile not tears.
    And with joy on every birthday count
    ur age by frnd not years

*  A prayer : 2mbless ur way
    A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
    A cheer : 2 perfect ur day 
    A text : 2 say 

*  Flying papers,
    Multi colours of ballon,
    Delicated blossom,
    Fantastic People,
    Love and Laughter.
    What it describes?

Bangla Friendship SMS-02

*  Bondhu mane chader miste alo,
    Surjo udito hou-a,
    Tarar ghekemeke,
    Bondhu mane 2me ami aksathe thaka.
    Bondhu mane Dure theke moner kache thaka,
    Bondhu mane 2me ami?
*  Ja sagore thekeo govir.
    Ja akaser moto nibir.
    Jate ache komolota.
    Jate ache srishtir anando.
    Jate nei kono digonto.
    Tari naam 

*  2mi acho bole mon furfure,

    Sathe chips & kurkure,
    2mi haso bole bristy rimjim,
    Sathe ice-crim & multigim,
    2mi bondhu bole eto paglami,
    2mi bondhu bole eto paglami,
    2mi jano na 2mi koto dami!!

Bangla Friendship SMS

*  Bondhu mane paros pathor,chulei pare sona
    Bondhu mane likkichara badon na mana
    Bondhu mane bhum maje cactus hoye thaka
    Moner maje sritigulo fossils kore rakha!!!!!

*  Bristi veja amr akas 
    Monta tai vishon udas,
    Udas megher sathe misti kadon,
    Dui noyone ojhor srabon,
    Ami achi jemon temon,
    Bondhu 2me acho kemon?

*  Jebon mane cholti pothe bondhuder hatchani
    Jibon mane Sritipote tar udas chobikhani,
    Jibon mane sob harieo chotto akta asha,
    Jibon mane virer majhe chena valobasa.

*  Klanto diner olos khone...
    Otit jokhon porbe mone ..
    Tokhon jodi amr kotha naiba mone roy,
    Sriti tukue debe amr chotto parichy!

*  Bodhu holo sa ja 2mr hridoy-er gaan jana,
    Ebong je 2mr jonno seta gaite pare,
    Jokhon 3me seta bhule jabe. Form ..yours...?

Bangla love sms-02

*  Bhalobasa onykta paaharer moto, 2mk opore uthte
    hobe. Kintu akber jokhon 2me shikhar-e pouche jabe,
    The view is Beautiful !!

*  Sudin ase. durdin - ase
    ami chai ba na chai,
    tobe sob cheya sundor
    Din seta jakhon 2mk
    kache paai !!!!!!!

*  Ami 2mk amr sob Bhalobasa tuku pathaate Cheyechilam.
    Kintu postman bollo, packet ta onyk Boro hoye Geche !

*  Tomer jonno amr Bhalobasa akta journey-r mato.
    Jeta hamesha shuru hoy kintu kokhono sesh naa!

*  Bhalobasa akta prajapati=r moto,
    Sekhanet jai jekhane or bhalo lage,
    R jekhane jai sobar bhalo lage!!!!

Bangla love sms

*  Kaal rate amr chokh theke ek phota jal beriye esechilo.
    Ami Jigges korlam : Tumi beriye ele kano?
    Se bollo : 2mr chokhe emon akjon special kau ache,
    je 2mr chokhe amr kono jaigaa nai.

*  Amr Heart-e 3 ta chamber ache,akta Maayer jonno,akta
    Babar jonno,R akta Bhagwan/Allah-r jonno,Sorry 2mr 
    jonno kono jaigaa nai! Karon 2me to amr Heartbeat!

*  Lal Sharti-r rang neel bishannata-r rang
    Sabuj prakritir rang,Kalo pratibader rang,
    Saada sharti-r rang,kintu Bhalobasar kano
    akta specific rang nei,bhalobasa nijer rang
    rangeen !

*  Ami Hathat shunlam keu amr kaane kaane 2mr katha
    bolche,Taakiye dekhlam keu nei! Tarpor ami bujhlam
    ota toamr heart bolche : I MISS U !

*  Ebar Jadi Zraate taara-ke khose porhte dekho,
    Chokh bandho kore akta "WISH" koro.
    Bishwas koro sai wish a satyi hobe, karon
    Ebhabai ami 2mk peyechi!!!!!!

*  Ekta pori esechilo amr kache, bollo : ki chai bolo?
    Ami amr wish-er kotha bollam.Shune se bolo, sorry
    R akta pori ami dite parbona.Jano ami ki Cheyechilam?

*  Tomak jodi 10 jon bhalobase, tader madhye akjon ami,
    jodi akjon bhalobase, tahole seta ami,R jodi key na
    bhalobase,tahole bujhe niyi ami r ei Prithibite nei ! :)

*  Bhalobasa chara dingulo holo :
    Bhalobasa thakle All day are Valentinesday!!


A History Of SMS

SMS was an accidental success that took nearly everyone in the mobile industry by surprise.
Few people predicted that this hard of use service would take off.There was hardly any promotion for or mention os SMS by network operators until after SMS started to be a success SMS advertising went from showing business people in suits entering text messages to bright pink and yellow advertisements aimed at the youth markets that adopted SMS.

SMS was the triumph of the consumer-every generation needs a technology that it can adopt as it own to communicate with- and the text generation took up SMS. Paradoxically, it was so very difficult to use that the young people said that they were going to overcome the man machine interface and other issues and use the service anyway. The fact that the entry barriers to learning tthe service were so high an advantage because it meant that parents and teachters and other adult authority figures were unlikely, unble and unwilling to use the service.

A whole new alphabet emerged because SMS messages took time to enter and were quite abrupt as people attempted to say as much as possible with as few keystrokes.Abbreviations such a 'C U L8er' See you later' sprung up for time saving and coolness. The use of Smileys to reduce the abruptness of the medium and to help indicate the mood of the person in a way that was difficult with just text became popular.

The introduction of prepay mobile tariffs in which people could pay for airtime advance and thereby control their mobile phone expenditure was the catalyst that accelerated the take up of SMS. The Network operators were unable technically to bill prepay customers for the SMS they were because the links between the prepay platform and the billing system and the SMS centers were not in place.The Network operators responded with silence-the prepay literature did not mention SMS at all even though the prepay phones supported the service.One thing that is certain is that in these days with the internet  revolution to spread information,the young people will identify loopholes like this. And they did. Suddenly,millions more SMS messages were bring sent-with some individual mobile phone subscriptions accounting for thousands of SMS per month alone they set up automated messages generators.