Cool SMS

*  Most used alphabet " A " Does not Appear in 
    Spellings of digits from 1 to 999.

    It Appear 1st Time in 1000 & then Continues.

*  People are not Beautiful,As they Look,
    As they walk,As they wear.
    People are Beautiful,As they Love,
    As they sincere,As they Care,
    As they share....

*  Easy is to judge the mistakes of others,
    Difficult is to Recognize our own mistakes.
    Easy is to say we love,
    Difficult is to learn from them.
    Easy is to set rules,
    Difficult is to follow them.
    Easy is to dream every night,
    Difficult is to show it every day.
    Easy is to make mistakes,
    Difficult is to learn from them.

*  I may walk slowly.
    But.. I never walk Backwards
    -Adraham Lincon

*  The two Dangerous weapons in the 
    World other then Nuclear Bombs
     1. A Girl's Smile
     2. A Girl's tear

*  Good Behavior can cover the lack
    of Good Looks,
    But Good Looks Can Never cover the 
    lack good behavior.

*  )))))
    ( c ‘o
    ( c ‘==o
    ( c ‘===o
    ( c ‘=======o

   Naak aesi ho jaye agar msg karna chora to :-)

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