Love SMS

*  Love knows no reasons
    Love knows no lies,
    Love defines all reasons,
    Love has no eyes...
    But Love is not blind,
    Love sees all but does not mind....

*  R: is for Red
    Red: is for blood 
    Blood: is for heart
    Heart: is for love
    Love: is for you
    You: is for me
    Me: is for you
   <<<i miss you>>>

*  I m feeling so happy,do u know why?
    Because i m so lucky,do u know how?
    Bcoz God loves Me.
    Do you know how?
    Bcoz he gave me a gift
    Do you know what?
    Its YOU my love..

*  "Response" is one of
     The powerful tool to
     occupy a place in
     Someone's Heart
     Give the Best Response 
     To the person who cares
      For you..

*  Don't choose the one
    Who is beautiful to the world.
    But Rather,
    choose the one who
    Makes your world Beautiful.

*  U can fall from the sky 
    U can fall from a tree
    But the best way to fall
    is in love with me 

 *  If 10 people care 4 u.
     one of them is me,
     if 1 person cares 4 u
     that would be me again
     if no 1 cares 4 u
     that means i m not this 

*  Love is that greatest feeling,
    Love is like play,
    Love is what i feel for you,
    Each and every day,
    Love is like a smile,
    Love is like a song,
    Love is a great emotion,
   That keeps us going strong,
*  i love you with my heart, 
    My body and my soul,
    I love the way i keep loving,
    Like a love i can't control
    So remember when ur eyes meet mine,
    I love you with  all my heart,
    And i have poured my entire soul into you,
    Right from the very start.

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