Independence Day SMS

*  Freedom in the mind,
    Faith in the words,
    Pride in our hearts &
    Memories in our souls
    Lets salute,
    The nation on ..nd Independence Day.

*  On Independence Day
    Here's wising our dreams of a new
    Tomorrow come true for us..
    Now And Always.

*  Thousand laid down there lives so
    That our country breath this day..
    Never forget there sacrifice..

*  Freedom is a precious gift of god
    May we always remain independence
   A very very Happy Independence Day to you.

*  Other might have forgotten
    But never can i
    The flag of my country
    Furls very high

*   Happy Birthday
     Oh no, Happy National Day!
     Oh i forget,Happy Anniversary!
     No i was wrong!
     Happy Victory Day!
     Oh my god Happy New Year!
     Oh shit Happy Independence Day!

*  Today we r miles apart
    But I wanna reach across the miles
    And say i am thinking of u
    In a very special way

SMS for Exam

*  Exams are there,
    At the paper u stare.
    The answer is nowhere,
    Which makes u pull ur hair.
    The teachers amke u glare,
    The grades r not fair.
    But just like the past 20 years,
    We don't care!!!

*  Exams are lke girlfriends
    -TOO many questions
   -Difficult to understand
   -More explanation is needed
   -Result is always fail!

*  To accomlish great things,
    We must not only ac,
    But also dream,
    Not only plan but also believe,
    Best wishes for ur exam.

*  Accoding newton's 4th law for xam,
    Every book will continue to be at rest 
    Or covered with dust,
    Until some external 
    Or internal Exam moves it!

*  The shortest relationship 
    Ever is between
    Students &Books
    They commit one day
    Before Exam
    After exam break up!!

*  Examiner: R u Under tention?
    Did you forget admit card, ID,or calculator?
    Student: No sir!By mistake i have brought 
    Tomorrow exam's(cheating material) Today.

*  Lovely days in my life:
    Childhood days,
    School days
    Collage days,
    Horrible days in my life:
    "Only exam days"

*   Height of honesty..
     " Sitting in examination hall..
     Opening the chit..
     Memorizing the answers...
     N the writing without seeing.."

Bangla Funny SMS-02

 *  Luv sms korlm send pri-ar numberry,
    Msg porlu giye may-er baba-ar hate.
    Kopal kharap hole bujhi koto kichu-i hoi,
    Priyar baba mobile a dakhi sudu voy.
    Ak sms ae lega galo jilpir pach,
    Taito akhon korina ar mobile sms.

*  Eta ekta jadu.
    Tomar mobile er down key char bar chapo,
    Tumi aishwaria rai ke dekte pabe.
    Hay khoda ajo manush toke bekub banay??

*  Network niya raja rani boro payrasan,
    Paira diya suro chithi aadan prodan.
    Chithi charai paira ekdin rajar kache galo,
    Tina dakha raja saheb khube raga galo.
    Bari fira raja ata holo ki?
    Rani bola ata miss call tao bujoni!!

*  Wife: akta kotha bolbo marbe nato?
    Hus: kija bolo na 2me?
    Wife:ame pragnent.
    Hus:ata to kusir khobor!
    Wife:biar aga baba ka bolachilam babato marechilo,tai!

*  Tur jonna aanta pari akas tara,
    Tui bolla bachta apri oxyzen chara.
    prithibi takeo lutate pari bondo turi shoka,
    Abar tuie bol avaba koto r mitta bola jai!!

*  Jol pore- pata nore,
    Moha GOBET SMS pore.
    Ore BEKUB rego-na,
    Mobile chure felo-na.
    Ei SMS porde joto,
    Buddhi hobe gorur moto.

New Year SMS in English

*  May ALLAH make ur year a happy One
    Not by shielding you from all sorrows and pain,
    But by strengthening u to bear it,as it comes.
    Not by making ur path easy,
    But by making u sturdy to travel any path.
    Not by taking hardships from u,
    But by taking fear from ur heart.
    Not by granting u unbroken sunshine,
    But by keeping ur face bright, even in the shadows.

*  We will Open the Book.
    Its pages r Blank.
    We r going to put words on them ourselves
    The book is called opportunity and 
    Its 1st chapter is NEW YEAR!

*  A Happy New Year!
    Grant that I may bring no tear to any eye
    When this New Year in time shall end
    Let it be said I've played the friend,
    Have lived and loved and labored here,
    And made of it a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

*  Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright cheer,
    Bring to u joy and
    Prosperity for the whole Year,
    And it's my New Year wish 4u Dear
    Wish u a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 *  When U'r lonely,I wish u love!
    When u'r down, I wish u Joy!
    When u'r troubled, I wish u peace!
    When things seem empty, I wish u Hope!
    Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Eid SMS-2

*  .$$$$$$.
    .$$    $$.
    .$$    $$.
    .$$    $$.

*  May the angles protect you
    May the goodness surround you
    May the sadness forget you
    And may ALLAH bless you
    "Eid Mubarak"

*  Lonesome without u,
    Each n every moments,
    When i am alone
    I Close my eyes n think of u
    N thoughts of ur love warms
    Inside me n makes me smile
    Miss You a lot.
    Eid Mubarak

 *  I wish for u.
     The wish i wish 4 few
     The wish i wish 4 u that
     Ur all wishes comes true
     So keep on wishing
     As me all wishes r with u.
     ~~~EID MUBARAK~~~