Ramadan SMS

*  WELCOME Ramadan
    Walk humbly
    Talk politely
     Dress Neatly
     Treat Kindly
     Pray attentively
     Donate generously
     May ALLAH Bless $ Protect you...

*   Wishing you one month of Ramadan
     4 week of barkat,
     30 days of Forgiveness
     720 hours of guidance
     43200 min of purfication
     2592000 seconds on noor

*  Tum ebadat k lamhom main mera 1 kaam krna
     Her sehri se pehle,her namaz k bad,
     Her Ifter se pehle,her rozey k bad
     sirf apni Dua k kuch alfaaz mere naam krna.

*  As the crescent moon is sighted

    And d holy month of Ramadan begins
    May Allah bless u with happiness
    And grace ur home warmth & peace !

*  Prophet never proceeded ( 4 the prayer)
    On the day of ID-UL-FITOR
    Unless he had eaten some dates.
    Anas also narrated;
    The prophet used 2 eat odd number of dates

*  Jisne naba dia gher ko Gulistan
    Chala jayega 2 dino main ye mehman
    Tohfay main de jaraha hai ye Eid Subko
    Alvida Alvida Mah-e-Ramadan

*  Friend I have a Special Iftar 4 u
    A Glass of Care
    A Plate of Love
    A Spoon of Peace
    A Fork of Trust
    And a Bowl of Prayers
    Enjoy your IFtar

*  Fortunate is the one
    Who has learned to Admire
    But not to envy
    Good Wishes 4 a Joyous Ramadan
    And A Happy New Year with a Plenty
    Of peace and Prosperity

*  Raat ko naya chand Mubarak,
    Chand ko Chandni Mubarak,
    Falak ko sitare Mubarak,
    Sitaronn ko Bulandi Mubarak
    Aur App ko Hamari taraf se