SMS for Exam

*  Exams are there,
    At the paper u stare.
    The answer is nowhere,
    Which makes u pull ur hair.
    The teachers amke u glare,
    The grades r not fair.
    But just like the past 20 years,
    We don't care!!!

*  Exams are lke girlfriends
    -TOO many questions
   -Difficult to understand
   -More explanation is needed
   -Result is always fail!

*  To accomlish great things,
    We must not only ac,
    But also dream,
    Not only plan but also believe,
    Best wishes for ur exam.

*  Accoding newton's 4th law for xam,
    Every book will continue to be at rest 
    Or covered with dust,
    Until some external 
    Or internal Exam moves it!

*  The shortest relationship 
    Ever is between
    Students &Books
    They commit one day
    Before Exam
    After exam break up!!

*  Examiner: R u Under tention?
    Did you forget admit card, ID,or calculator?
    Student: No sir!By mistake i have brought 
    Tomorrow exam's(cheating material) Today.

*  Lovely days in my life:
    Childhood days,
    School days
    Collage days,
    Horrible days in my life:
    "Only exam days"

*   Height of honesty..
     " Sitting in examination hall..
     Opening the chit..
     Memorizing the answers...
     N the writing without seeing.."

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