Friendship SMS

*  Don't hurt a Friend who loves you
    Don't hurt a Friend who loves you.

*  Meaning of Friendship :
    N--  NICE
    D--  DIVINE
    S--   SIMPLE
    H--  HARTLEY
    P--   PEACEFUL

*  Smile in pleasure,
    Smile in pain,
    Smile when trouble pours like rain,
    Smile when someone hurts you,
    Smile because someone still loves to seen u Smiling

*  If friend were flowers
    I would not pick you!
    I'll let you grow in the garden
    & cultivate you with love and care
    So I can keep you as a friend forever

*  A friend is sweet when its new,
    But it is sweeter when its TRUE,
    But u know what?
    Its sweetest when its you.

*  Everyone hears wat u sy
    Friends Listen to u wat u say
    Best Friend Listen to u wat u don't say

*  Longest love is mother's Love,
    Shortest love is mother's Love,
    Sweetest love is other love,
    But strongest love is Friend Love,
    Like u and me !

*  A true friend ....Scolds like a Dad
    Cares Like a Mom..
    Teases like a Sister..
    Irritates like a Brother..
    And Finally Loves you more then a Lover..

*  Friendship is just like wine..
    As it gets older it gets sweeter..
    Just lime you and me..
    You are getting older and
    I am getting sweeter.. 

*  A good friend is like a computer
    I 'enter' ur life
    'save' u in my heart,
    'format' ur problems,
    'shift' u 2 opportunities
    And never 'delete' u from my memory!


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