Good Night SMS

*  G. Go 2 Bed
    O. Off the Light
    O.Out Of Tension
    D.Dreams come

    N.Nice sleep
    I. Ignore worries`
    G.Get up Early
    H.Have a nice day
    T.Thank God Always

*  Hello Moon,
    My friend is going to sleep.
    Tell to your Brother sun to raise tmrw late
    Because my friend wants more relax.
    <<GOOD NIGHT>>

*  Sun wouldn't be red,
    Sea wouldn't be blue,
    I wouldn't be happy,
   Without disturbing u.
   ""Good Night""

*  At this moment 3.7 millons are sleeping
    2.3 million are falling in love,
    4.1 millon are eating
    And only one person in the whole world
    is reading my sms.
    ^^GOOD NIGHT^^ 

*  Night is longer than day
    for those who Dream
    And day is longer than night for those
    Who make their Dreams Come true.
    Wish you GOOD NIGHT

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