Funny SMS

*  You Must be s good runner 
    Because you are always in my mind.
    You must be a good thief,
    Because you have stolen my heart.
    And I m always a bad shooter
    Because I MISS U always..

*  What LOVE stands for?
    L-  Lake of     SORROW
    O- Ocean of   TEARS
    V- Valley of    DEATH
    E-  End Of      LIFE.

*  Most people walk in and
    Out of your life,but
    Only Friend leave footprints in ur life.

*  Good Friends are hard to find
    Harder to leave,
    And impossible to forget.

*  When it hurts to look back,
    And you're scared to look ahead,
    You can look beside you
    And your best friend will be there.

*  When u feel sad..
    To cheer up just go to the mirror and say,
    "Damn I am Really so cute" 
    U will overcome your sadness.
    But don't make this a habit...
    Bcoz liars go to hell !!!

*  If You Love someone,
    Put their name in a circle,
    Instead of a heart,
    Bcoz hearts can break,
    But circles go on forever.

*  To handle yourself,
    Use your head,
    To handle others,
    Use your heart.

*  Smile a while and you smile,
    Smile another smile ,
    Soon there will be miles
    And miles of smile just 
    Because you smiled,
    I wish your day is full of SMILE

*  Hi I am marrying next week
    There will be a small party and
    only few persons will be invited
    Hey don't bring any gift
    Just bring SOMEONE to marry me...

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