Father's Day SMS

*  A father means so many things
    An understanding heart,
    A source of strength nd
    Support r8t 4m the very start.
    @ Happy Father's Day @

*   The greatest gift
     I ever had
     Came 4m God;
     I call him dad
     @ Happy Father's Day @

*  In happiness,in sorrow
    U were always there 4 me
    I may not hv always sd it
    But,it is the day to say it loud.
    I luv u Dad
    @ Happy Father's Day @

*  God made a father who is,
    As sweet as a nectar,
    As brave as a lion,
    As cheerful as a bear,
    Nd he gave such dear father to me.

*  Dad u r never wrong
    The only time u r wrong
    Is when u think
    I forget about u.
    Luv u DAD
    Hv a grand father's Day


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