Valentine's Day SMS 2

*  You r unique
    You r caring and
    You r the Best.
    I'm d luckiest to have u in my life.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  I am not happy prsn becoz of my luv,
    I am happy person becoz i am in luv
    With u & u are my Valentine's.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  No poems no fancy word 
    I just want the world to know that
    I LOVE YOU my princess with all my heart.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  The way you look into my eyes,it scares me.
    The way u say I lov you,it scares me.
    The way u know just what to say,it scares me,
    The ways u same me i lov it.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  Let's share the WORLD
    A sea is 4 u, and waves r 4 me.
    The sky is 4 u, and light r 4 me.
    Everything is 4 u, and u r 4 me.
    ~Happy valentine's Day~

*  Some people r so much important in our life.
    Not becoz we enjoy their company.
    But becoz we feel 
    So much loneliness in their absence.
    ~Happy valentine's Day~

*  Something we make lov with our eyes.
    Something we make lov with our hands.
    Something we make lov with our bodies.
    Always we make lov with our HEARTS.
   ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*   Plenty of Luv!
     Tons of kisses!
     Hope some day..
    To B ur Mrs!!
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~