Tears SMS

*  Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
    Every silence is a sign of loneliness,
    Every smile is a sign of kindness,
    Every SMS is a sign of remembrance

*  Don't cry for anybody
    Becoz they are not fit for your tears
    The one who is fit for your tears will
    Not allow you to cry.

*  Lives are for living I live for u
    Dreams are for dreaming I dream for u
    Hearts are for beating mine beats for you
    Angles are for keeping.can I keep you?

*  Tears are silent langage of love,
    When tears come with reason
    Means u got some problem,
    But when tears come without
    Reason means u r in love. 

*  The rain falls becoz the sky
    Can no longer handle its heaniness
    Just like the tears,
    It falls becoz the
    Hearts can no
    Longer handle the pain.

*  Type of smells in bedroom aftr marraige
    1st 3 month
    Perfume & flowers
    After 3 years
    Baby powder,cream,lotion
    After 30 years
    Vicks & tiger baam n medicines.

*  Keep the smile,
    Leave the tear,
    Think of joy,
    Forget the fear,
    Hold the laugh,
    Leave the pain,
    Be joyous till I SMS again.

*  Yesterday morning,
     I woke up tears in my eyes
     And one rolling down my cheek
     And realized that i must have been
     Dreaming of you again.

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