New Year SMS-03

*  Wishing you every happiness new year
    Your deserve to have a dream of a day
    When lovely joys keep coming ur way.

*  Before the sun in this year,
    Before the memories fade,
    Before the networks get jammed
    Wish u and ur family 
    "Happy New Year 2012"

*  A relaxed mind,
    A peaceful soul,
    A joyful spirit,
    A healthy body &
    Heart full love
    All these are my pryers for u
    Wish a Happy New Year 2012

*  Whatever is beautiful
    Whatever is meaningful
    Whatever brings happiness
     May it be yours on.

*  New year wishes for you
    Hope the year brings
    Wonderful Moments for you

*  I wish in 2012
    God Gives you..
    12 month of happiness,
    52 weeks of fun,
    365 days success,
    8760 hours good health,
    52600 minutes good lick,
    3153600 seconds of joy
    "Happy New Year"

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