Heart SMS

*  Only open heart receive love,
    Only open mind receive wisdom,
    Only open hand receive gifts and 
    Only special people receive SMS. 

*  Some people have nice eyes,
    Some have nice smiles &
    Others have nice faces
    But you have all of them 
    With a nice HEART.

*          ~*~

*  Life is Complicated
    When u hav standards,
    People call it attitude,
    When u r simple,
    People try 2 cheat,
    When u need love,
    They find it fun 2 break ur heart.

*  My Heart Is Made 2 luv u,
    My Lips are made to kiss u,
    Every part of me wants u,
    My hands 2 hold u,
    May Bcoz I was made just 4 u.

*  Today I'm giving my heart to you
     Please carefully handle it,
     Not becoz it's my heart.
     But becoz u r inside it. 

*  Not Every bird can dance,
    But peacock did that.
    Not every can represent love,
    But rose did that.  
    Not every friend can reach up the heart,
    But U did that?
    Like us:)

*  Do u know whats it means?
    LUB says"Live ur life best"
    Dub says"Do ur best in life"
    Enjoy every heart beat.

*  I can never let my heart break,
    If it beats 4u,
    I can never let my smile fade,
    If it smiles 4u.
    I can never let my love end,
    If its 4u..

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