Kiss SMS

* U r sweeter than honey.purer than milk.
   Softer than flower.since i have u as my lover,
   Come to me near, i'll kiss ur lips without fear.
   U'll say, having u is treasure & be wit for ever.

*  A hug for you means i need you.
    A kiss for you means i love you,.
    A call for you means i'm missing you

*  Talk 2 me when i'm dored,
    Kiss me when i'm sad,
    Hug me when i cry,
    Care 4 me when i die,
    Love me when i'm still alive

*  Your smile is a biggest asset to me,
    And I want my asset to increase every day,
    So keep smiling and keep increasing my every day.

*  My eyes are eager to see you,
    My ears are eager to listen you,
    My lips are eager to kiss you,
    And my dreams in night to welcome you

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