Love SMS-2

*  Every hour i think of you,
    Every minute i think of you,
    Every second i think of you,
    I live for you and i die for you.

*  Sweet as sugar
    Twinkling like the star
    Cute like the baby
    That's what you are
    Bundles of happiness and fun
    You are everything I LOVE rolled into one

*  Love is like a star 
    Love is like a dream
    Love is Life,
    And Life is love,
    Ever since i saw you

*  An advice: Don't worry
    A request: Take care
    A wish: Please remember me
    A greeting: Very Good Morning
    A fact: I am missing you!

*  True love is difficult to find
    It's in the heart and not in the mind.
    The love in my heart is true
    Since it came the day I saw you!

*  You may be out of my sight,
    But not out of my heart.
    U may be out of my reach,
    But not out of my mind.
    I may mean nothing to you,
    But you'll always be special to me.

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