Love Quotes SMS

*  Simple Truth of present:
    if u don't want to know whats pain,
    Don't love anyone truly
    if someone loves you truly,
    Never show them whats pain.

*  The difference between
    "In love"
    Are the same difference
    "For now"
    "For a while"
    " Forever"

*  Love is a war.
   This war will end
   When life will end.

*  If u fall in river there is boat

    If u fall in well there is rope,
    But if u fall in love there is no hope.

*  Relationships r like a book 
    It takes a few seconds to burn
    It takes years to write
    So write it care fully
    Never let it burn.

*  Shakespare says:
    there are 2 things in life that r very painful
    One is 
    When ur love loves u & doesn't tell u,
    When ur love doesn't love u & tell u.

*  There is no fear in love
    If the love is real and painful
    it overshadows all fears & concern
    Love is not what you can receive
    it's all about what you can give.

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