Islamic SMS

*  Significances of the prayers.
    Fajar - Increases the Complexion or noor
    Zohar - Increases Income
    Asar - Improve Health
    Maghrib - Good future 4 u r children
    Esha - Peaceful Sleep.

*  The beautiful word is ALLAH,
    Most beautiful song is AZAN,
    Best exercise is NAMAZ,
    Word perfect book is QURAN,
    And you are so lucky if YOU are a MUSLMAN

*  Meaning of ISLAM :

    I :- I (Myself)
    S:- Surrender
    L:- Law(s)
    A:- Allah
    Sentence:I surrender to the Law(s) of Allah Mohammad(S)

*  Life is test,Islam is Best,
    Namaz is must,Aakrut is for rest,
    Word is only dust,if Quran is in chest,
    Nothing need next,Obey ALLAH first.
    1st success will b next.

*  Happy Moments-PRAISE ALLAH
    Difficult Moments-PRAISE ALLAH
    Quiet Moments-WORSHIP ALLAH
    Painful Moments-TRUST ALLAH
    Moment By Moment-THANK ALLAH

*  7 Rules to b Happy
    (!) Never hate
    (!) Don't worry
    (!) Live Simple
    (!) Expect a little
    (!) Give a lot
    (!) Always smile
    (!) And keep in touch with ALLAH

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