Tears SMS

*  Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
    Every silence is a sign of loneliness,
    Every smile is a sign of kindness,
    Every SMS is a sign of remembrance

*  Don't cry for anybody
    Becoz they are not fit for your tears
    The one who is fit for your tears will
    Not allow you to cry.

*  Lives are for living I live for u
    Dreams are for dreaming I dream for u
    Hearts are for beating mine beats for you
    Angles are for keeping.can I keep you?

*  Tears are silent langage of love,
    When tears come with reason
    Means u got some problem,
    But when tears come without
    Reason means u r in love. 

*  The rain falls becoz the sky
    Can no longer handle its heaniness
    Just like the tears,
    It falls becoz the
    Hearts can no
    Longer handle the pain.

*  Type of smells in bedroom aftr marraige
    1st 3 month
    Perfume & flowers
    After 3 years
    Baby powder,cream,lotion
    After 30 years
    Vicks & tiger baam n medicines.

*  Keep the smile,
    Leave the tear,
    Think of joy,
    Forget the fear,
    Hold the laugh,
    Leave the pain,
    Be joyous till I SMS again.

*  Yesterday morning,
     I woke up tears in my eyes
     And one rolling down my cheek
     And realized that i must have been
     Dreaming of you again.

Politics SMS

*  Honesty in polities is much like oxygen.
    The Higher up you go,
    The scarcer it becomes.

*  Politicians are the same all over.
    They promise to build a bridge
    Even where there's no river.

*   Government is like a baby.
     An alimentary canal with
     A big appetite at one end and no
     Sense of responsibility at the other.

*  Good leadars are like basbol umpres,
    They go practically unnoticed
    When doing their job r8t.

*   Some men change their party
     For the sake of their principles;
     Others their principles
     For the sake of their party.

Quotes SMS

*  Some people come in ur life
    As blessings,
    Some People come in ur life
    As Lessons.

*  Each moment of our life is a picture
    Which u had seen before.
    And which ull never see again
    So enjoy & Live life &
    Make each moment beautiful.

*  Success is like ur own shadow,
    If u try catch u will never succeed,
    Ignore it and walk in ur own way
    It will follow u.

*  A smile makes us look younger.
    While prayers make us feel stronger.
    And friends? They make us enjoy life forever.

*  To make our way,
    We must have firm resolve,
    Persistence, tenacity.
    We must gear ourselves
    To work all the way.
    We can never let up

Heart SMS

*  Only open heart receive love,
    Only open mind receive wisdom,
    Only open hand receive gifts and 
    Only special people receive SMS. 

*  Some people have nice eyes,
    Some have nice smiles &
    Others have nice faces
    But you have all of them 
    With a nice HEART.

*          ~*~

*  Life is Complicated
    When u hav standards,
    People call it attitude,
    When u r simple,
    People try 2 cheat,
    When u need love,
    They find it fun 2 break ur heart.

*  My Heart Is Made 2 luv u,
    My Lips are made to kiss u,
    Every part of me wants u,
    My hands 2 hold u,
    May Bcoz I was made just 4 u.

*  Today I'm giving my heart to you
     Please carefully handle it,
     Not becoz it's my heart.
     But becoz u r inside it. 

*  Not Every bird can dance,
    But peacock did that.
    Not every can represent love,
    But rose did that.  
    Not every friend can reach up the heart,
    But U did that?
    Like us:)

*  Do u know whats it means?
    LUB says"Live ur life best"
    Dub says"Do ur best in life"
    Enjoy every heart beat.

*  I can never let my heart break,
    If it beats 4u,
    I can never let my smile fade,
    If it smiles 4u.
    I can never let my love end,
    If its 4u..

Diwali SMS

*  Makki ki roti, Nimbu ka Aachar
    Suraj ki kirne, Khushiyo ki Bahar,
    Chand ki Chandi, Apno ka Pyar,
    Mubarark Ho Aapko, HOLI ka tyohar.

*  Light a lamp of love 
    Blast a chain of sorrow
    Shoot a rocket of prosperity
    Fire a flowerpot of happiness
    Wish u and ur family 

*  Rango ketyohar me sabhi rango ki ho bharmar,
    Dher saari khushiyo se bhara ho aapka sansar,
    Yahi dua hai bhagwan se hamari har bar,

*  The sweet small of flowers
    The array of colors,
    Diwali is here 
    Firecrackers are heard
    Candles are lit
    Children play
    Presents are given
    We pray to the gods
    Diwali is here.

*  Na juban se, Na nigahin se,
    Na dimag se, Na rango se,
    Na greetings se, Na gift se,
    Aapko DIWALI mubarak ho direct dil se.

*  With the gleam of diyas
    And the echo of the chants
    May happiness and contentment fill ur life
    Wishing u a very happy and prosperous diwali
    Diwali best wishes
*  The clear blue sky,
    The scent of flowers,
    The colors of rangoli,
    And the sound of crackers.
    The light of the candles below,
    And the dazzling fireworks up above.

*  Very special and happy time,
    When all family members 
    friends get together.
    To share happiness and joys,
    Where there is lots of fun add
    laughter rising to the sky.
    I wish you very Happy Diwali.

*  We meditate on the glory of the creator
    Who has created the universe,
    Who is worthy of worship,
    Who is the embodiment of knowledge and light,
    Who is remover of all sins and ignorance,
    May he enlighten our intellect.

New Year SMS-03

*  Wishing you every happiness new year
    Your deserve to have a dream of a day
    When lovely joys keep coming ur way.

*  Before the sun in this year,
    Before the memories fade,
    Before the networks get jammed
    Wish u and ur family 
    "Happy New Year 2012"

*  A relaxed mind,
    A peaceful soul,
    A joyful spirit,
    A healthy body &
    Heart full love
    All these are my pryers for u
    Wish a Happy New Year 2012

*  Whatever is beautiful
    Whatever is meaningful
    Whatever brings happiness
     May it be yours on.

*  New year wishes for you
    Hope the year brings
    Wonderful Moments for you

*  I wish in 2012
    God Gives you..
    12 month of happiness,
    52 weeks of fun,
    365 days success,
    8760 hours good health,
    52600 minutes good lick,
    3153600 seconds of joy
    "Happy New Year"

Merry Christmas SMS-02

*  Each Christmas finds me longing
    For Christmas now past
    And I am back in childhood
    As long as memories last.

*  Christmas is not a time nor a season,
    But a state o mind.
    To cherish peace and goodwill,
    To be plenteous in mercy,
    Is to have the real spirit of Christmas.

*  Christmas gift suggestions:
    To your enemy, forgiveness.
    To an opponent, tolerance.
    To a friend, your heart.
    To a customer, service.
    To all, charity.
    To every child, a good example.
    To yourself, respect. 

*  May the good times 
    And treasures of the present 
    Become the golden 
    Memories of tomorrow.
    Wish you lots of love,
    Joy and happiness.

*  Christmas bring peace and joy
    May this Christmas
    Bring peace and joy
    For all.

*  Bells are ringing 
    The wishes of Christmas day
    The flying snowflakes
    Send my most sincere blessings
    To you merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas SMS

*  Faith maks all things possible
    Hope maks all things work
    Love maks all things beautiful
    May u have all the 3 for this Christmas,

*  I'm dreaming of white Christmas,
    With every Christmas card i write,
    May ur days be merry and bright,
    And may all ur Christmases be white.

*    I wish you love-ly X-mas
    I wish you favorable
    I wish you enjoyable
    You shall not lack in this X-mas
    They lord shall provide to you
    " Merry X-mas "

*  Luv came down at Christmas
    Luv all lovely,luv divine
    Luv was born at Christmas
    Stars nd angels gave the sign.

*  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Have a great new year
    Hopefully santa will extra good to you.
    Enjoy your holidays.

*   May ur days be bright,
     Nd ur heart be light
     May this glorious day of our savior's birth
     Resound with hope and peace on earth.
     " Merry Christmas"

*  May all the sweet magic
    Of Christmas conspire
    To gladden ur Hearts
    And fill every desire

*  Frm hom to hom and heart to heart,
    Frm 1 place to n-other,
    The warmth and joy of Christmas,
    Brings us closer to each other.