Anniversary SMS

*  Best wishes 2 u both on ur anniversary
    May the love that u share last ur lifetime through
    As u make a wonderful pair
    "happy wedding anniversary"

*  Ur love  makes days happy nd bright,
     in2 my world u brought pure delight
     Joy beyond reason u hv given me,
     Our love iz true this i can see.

*  The most important things u fixed was
     on ur day of leisure when u fixed ur eyes on me
     That day I'll always treasure i love u
     "Happy Anniversary"

*  U r truly a blessing 4m God
    Thank u 4 belong my partner,spouse,lover,nd friend
    " Happy Anniversary"

*   "Happy Anniversary"
     And May ur marriage be blessed with Lov
     Joy nd companionship 4 all the years lives.

*   Remember the yesterdays
     Plan ur 2morrow  nd
     Celebrate ur 2day
     Happy Anniversary to a lov-ly couple
     GOD Bless Both of U

*   I love u r words just 3
     Which mean so much on our anniversary
     So this iz what i want to say
     Live in my heart nd there 4 ever stay.

*  The day wn i met u
    The day wn i proposed u
    The day Wn i entered in2 my life
     Has come again in our life
     U make my life so bright
     My love 4 u will never be light
     I still love u my dear wife

Smile SMS

*  Smile 4 the 1s U Love
    A simple iz all it takes 2 make 1 Happy
    Love can come in many different ways,
    shapes nd sizes
    But a simple smile will conquer evrything
    nd leave the best of us speechless

*  Smile,my heart,smile.
    Yur Smile means so much 2 me
    Yur smile feeds my reality within,
    Yur smile liberates me 4m world-clamor nd
    Smile,my heart,smile.
    Smile at least 1s in a while.

*  Yu maybe tired of many greetings like
     GOOOOOD Morning
     GOOOOOD Aftrnoon
     Hv a nice day
     nd so on...
     Now here's my simple fresh line
     can u smile 4 me 1s.:

*   Wonderful Combination
     In this world
     Heart & beats
     Night & Moon
     Music & songs
     Roses & Love 
     My costly SMS
     & Your Free SMILE

*  No 1 iz born happy
    But all os us r Born
    With the ability 2 create happiness
    So 2day,make others happy
    Flash ur sweetest smile.
    Hv a day fill of Smiles.

*   A gun can kill some1
     Fire can burn some1
     Wind can chill.
     Anger can rage till it tears u apart
     But the power of ur smile can heal
     a frozen heart. 

*  1 Candle enough 2 cut darkness
    1 true frnd enough 2 make life happy
    1 good guide enough 4 success.
    1 SMS 4m u enough 2 make me SMILE 

*  Dear friends
    Smile every morning
    Smile iz Electricity
    nd life is battery
    Whenever u Smile
    The battery gets charged
    nd a beautiful day iz activated
    So....keep smiling
    Best wishes..

Prayers SMS

*  A prayers can go where I can't go.
    Through prayers I can be with u
    Without being there.
    I may be miles away
    But always be with u.

*  Rain of summer, snow of winter 
    Grace of autumn, glory of spring,
    May beauty of every season,
    Give your heart a beautiful reason to smile.
    May god succeed u in every xams of ur life
    GOOD LUCK and All the Best

*  Oh Allah, U r my lord
    There is none worthy of worship but U
     U created me and I'm ur slave,
     I keep ur covenant  nd my pledge to U
     As far as I'm able.
     I seek refuge in u from the evil
     of wt i have done.
     I admit to ur blessings upon me nd
     I admit to my misdeeds.
     4give to my sins,for there is none
     Who may 4give sins but U...

*  Prayer changes things
    Worry changes nothing
    So,instead of worrying about
    Wht U can do,Just pray nd think od wht
    GOD can do 4 U

*  A prayer: 2 bless ur way
    A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
    A cheer: 2 perfect ur day

*  I miss u 
    When I smell any Rose
    I miss u
    When I taste any sweet
    I miss u
    When I look at the moon
    But specially
    When I raise
    My hands for prayers