New Ramadan SMS

*  I wish this ramadan,u r gifted
    With blessings of Allah nd
     Many Treasured moments of joy

*   As d fajar azan begins
     And d first holy fast begins
     May Allah bless u with happiness
     And Grace ur home with warmth $ peace

*  Ramadan iz a month of Allah
    Whose beginings iz
    Whose middle iz
    Whose end iz 
    Freedom 4m fire

*   Dear 4rnd 
     Ur validity 4 taking food
     During d day time haz expired
     Plz fast next 30 days
     To resume ur day time foos
     Thank u 4 eating
      "" HAPPY RAMADAN ""

*   He iz d 1 God
     D creater, d intiate, d desiger
     To him belong d most beautiful name
     He iz d almighty, most wise
     Wishing u a blessed RAMADAN