New English Eid SMS For Eid Ul Fitr

Friends Eid-Ul-Fitr  on the way.So,you must want to send new sms to your new friend and family. That's why i have posted few new SMS for Eid Ul Fir.Hope you people like it.I will post few more soon.

*  I wish a wish 4 U
    The wish i wish 4 few
    The wish i wish 4 u is that
    Ur all wishes come true
    So keep on wishing
    As my all wished r with U
    " Eid Mubarak "

* May on this " EID " 
   The Plate of ur life iz filled
   With juicy Tikkas nd Kababs topped
   With chatne of happiness &
   Covered with salad of love

*  Earth can 4get rotating
    Bird can 4get flying
    Candle can 4get melting
    Heart can 4get beating
    I will never 4get to with U 
    " Eid Mubarak "

*  A little act of 
    ** KINDNESS"
   Can fill a heart with
    ** JOY **
    " Eid Mubarak "

*  May this year's Eid give u,
    All d happiness nd
    Joy of this world nd
    Hope that the blessing
    Of the Al- mighty be with u
    " Eid Mubarak "

*  The moon haz been sighted
    The samosas r ready
    Here comes Eid so just go steady
    Lots of dus'a iz all i request
    And just wated to with u all the best
    " Eid Mubarak "

*  Look outside
    Its so plesant
    Sun smiling 4 U
    Trees dancing 4 U
    Birds singing 4 U
    Becoz i requested them all to wish u 
    " Eid Mubarak "

*  Like D color of silver
    In the n8t sky
    The new moon rises
    The holy month has past
    The fasting is over
    2morrow is D great feast of  * Eid-Ul-Azha
    " Eid Mubarak "

New Ramadan SMS

*  I wish this ramadan,u r gifted
    With blessings of Allah nd
     Many Treasured moments of joy

*   As d fajar azan begins
     And d first holy fast begins
     May Allah bless u with happiness
     And Grace ur home with warmth $ peace

*  Ramadan iz a month of Allah
    Whose beginings iz
    Whose middle iz
    Whose end iz 
    Freedom 4m fire

*   Dear 4rnd 
     Ur validity 4 taking food
     During d day time haz expired
     Plz fast next 30 days
     To resume ur day time foos
     Thank u 4 eating
      "" HAPPY RAMADAN ""

*   He iz d 1 God
     D creater, d intiate, d desiger
     To him belong d most beautiful name
     He iz d almighty, most wise
     Wishing u a blessed RAMADAN

New Bangla Romentic SMS

 *  2mi Amr Ringtone,2mi Vibration
     2me amr GP,ROBI,Banglalink Collection
     2me amr GRPS,2me amr EDGE
     2me amr hridoy hore Network coverage 

*  Tor Jonno ante pare akash theke tara
    Toi Bolle bachte pare oxyzen chara
    Prothibi takao Lutate pare bondo ture pai,
    Abr toie bol avabe kto r mittha bola jai !!!!

*  2me akhon bondo... amr khub dear
    Amakao  rakho 2mr .... ridoyer neat
    God chara kaoke 2me ...karona fear
    Dekhba kovo 2mr ... asbe na tear

*  Kao Kao Gonta Khanek kore,
    Kao abr 3/4 gontao kore,
    Kao kao to sara raat dory kore..... ki ? 
    Ki abr ....!!
    Mobile Recharge