Mother's Day SMS

*  Mother is the Biggest gift of god
    To all human being
    Belv it or not se iz the real queen
    Se protects hr child nd not mean

*  Wn sehe give birth to child
    Se cares hr baby
    Wn baby cry
    Wn baby iz hungry
    Wn baby crawl
    Wn baby grow up
    Wn baby gets mature

*  4 the best mom
    Who always hd a smile 4 me
    I know we may be far apart said it
    But thanx nd i luv U
    @ Happy Mother's Day @

*  At 5 years," Mommy I Luv U"
    At 10 years," Mom Whatever"
    At 15 years," My Mom iz so annoying "
    At 20 years," Mom, I don't care wt u say"
    At 25 years," Mom,u were r8t"
    At 30 year,"I want to go to mom's House"
    At 50 years," I don't want to lose my mom "
    At 60 years,"I wld give up enything to hv my mom hr
    With u only hv 1 mom.
    " Like & share " it on ur wall if u luv ur Mom...
   @ Luv u Mummy @

*  If u want to see 2 heaven on the earth
    U must see ur mother
    U shld tuch hr feet
    Becoz ur mother iz exmpl of paradise
    @ Happy mother's day @

Father's Day SMS

*  A father means so many things
    An understanding heart,
    A source of strength nd
    Support r8t 4m the very start.
    @ Happy Father's Day @

*   The greatest gift
     I ever had
     Came 4m God;
     I call him dad
     @ Happy Father's Day @

*  In happiness,in sorrow
    U were always there 4 me
    I may not hv always sd it
    But,it is the day to say it loud.
    I luv u Dad
    @ Happy Father's Day @

*  God made a father who is,
    As sweet as a nectar,
    As brave as a lion,
    As cheerful as a bear,
    Nd he gave such dear father to me.

*  Dad u r never wrong
    The only time u r wrong
    Is when u think
    I forget about u.
    Luv u DAD
    Hv a grand father's Day

Bengali New Year SMS

*  Notun asa,notun pran
    Notun sure,notuun gaan,
    Notun jeboner notun aalo
    Notun bochor katok valo.

*  Dinguli jamone hok thik-e jai kete,
    2bu bolo lav ki ar porono smriti ghete,
    A bochora porno hok 2mr sokol asa,
    Nobo borshe atai amr porom-prottasa.

*  Rater sese miste hese takao chok khule,
    Noton aloi notun vore dukkho jabe vule.
    Jhilmiliye hasbe abr,andhar hobe ses,
    Ese gacha noton bochorer notun sms.

*  Choitrer rater sese
    Surjo ase notun beshe,
    Shai surjo rongin alo
    Muche dik jiboner sokol kslo

*  Sukher smriti rekho mone
    Mise theko apon jone
    Mun aviman sokol vule
    Asar prodip rakho jele
    Hajar sorjo 2mr chokhe
    Sobai mele theko sukhe

*  2mr jonno soakl,dupur,2mr jonno sondha
    2mr jonno sokol golap,sob rojonigondha
    2mr jonno sob sur, 2mr jonno chondro
    Notun bochor boye anuk onabil anando.

*  Din kete galo opakkhai
    Raat kete galo opakkhai
    Notun bochor suru hok ame suvachchai

*  Udito roder prothom alo dur korba sokol halo
    Matbe mon anando-dharai,
    Sobai hobe badonhara
    Dinte hok 2mr tore,
    Mon uthok khusir jhore

*  Each-cha gulo akas chulo, vhaslo megher sari,
    Khuser jhore teprantore hridoy dilo pari
    Moner majhe setar khusite mon saje,
    Nabobarshar din hok rogin ai kamonate.

Valentine's Day SMS 2

*  You r unique
    You r caring and
    You r the Best.
    I'm d luckiest to have u in my life.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  I am not happy prsn becoz of my luv,
    I am happy person becoz i am in luv
    With u & u are my Valentine's.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  No poems no fancy word 
    I just want the world to know that
    I LOVE YOU my princess with all my heart.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  The way you look into my eyes,it scares me.
    The way u say I lov you,it scares me.
    The way u know just what to say,it scares me,
    The ways u same me i lov it.
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*  Let's share the WORLD
    A sea is 4 u, and waves r 4 me.
    The sky is 4 u, and light r 4 me.
    Everything is 4 u, and u r 4 me.
    ~Happy valentine's Day~

*  Some people r so much important in our life.
    Not becoz we enjoy their company.
    But becoz we feel 
    So much loneliness in their absence.
    ~Happy valentine's Day~

*  Something we make lov with our eyes.
    Something we make lov with our hands.
    Something we make lov with our bodies.
    Always we make lov with our HEARTS.
   ~Happy Valentine's Day~

*   Plenty of Luv!
     Tons of kisses!
     Hope some day..
    To B ur Mrs!!
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~